by Wirephobia / kerc

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Tracks 1-3 Exploring dark places.
Tracks 4-6 Short horror story. First person perspective.
First split release with Kerc.


released February 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Wirephobia Erbil, Iraq

Experimental Artist from iraq/kurdistan and wants experimental music to be popular and exist in kurdistan/iraq.

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Track Name: kerc - Chores
She's always criticising me.
From the corner of my eye, I see her sometimes.
Little sister.
Do not fear my becoming an adult.
We can still play games.
You always did like to play tic tac toe.
You watch me closer this year.
What causes you such sadness.
We do not need to kill this one.
I think he may be the one to understand.
I'll let you get prepared.
We can play later.
I cannot right now.
I have work to go to.
Track Name: kerc - I want to love him too
| am fed up of being alone with you.
Why can I not see other people.
Stop being jealous.
Green eyed monster that you are becoming.
I will not suffer this again.
He is nice to me.
He doesn't tell me I am useless like you do.
It is nice to have a new friend.
You may find you like him if you give him a chance.
He likes to play games too.
Stop hitting me.
I'm locking you in your bedroom if you carry on.
Please. Let me be alone with him tonight.
Track Name: kerc - Can we play now
I wake in the dark of night.
I taste blood in my mouth.
Not again. No. No. No. No.
I run to the bathroom.
She is strangely silent. But I know she is watching me.
My mouth and chin are covered with blood.
I have bruises around my left eye.
I hear her start laughing from the mirror.
There is gore under my now ragged fingernails.
I return to the bedroom.
He is under the sheets.
Tearing the bedcovers off I can see his face, arms and torso.
Flesh and muscle ripped open, with jagged wounds.
Intestines hanging over the edge of the bed from his side.
Can we play now? she says.
I pick her favourite jigsaw puzzle from the shelf.
Yes I say, whilst crying.
We can play now.
We have almost finished the puzzle, by the time the cops arrive.